What is this?


UBC is piloting a chat tool called Mattermost. Your instructor made this tool available to you so you can communicate and collaborate in real-time. Chat has been used in the past to provide a flexible communication option, and students found it helpful. Your instructor will let you know more about how it will be used in your course.

Mattermost is easy to use. When you log in to access it for the first time, you will see a tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through how to send messages, upload files, and navigate between public channels, private groups, and direct messages. You can access Mattermost via the web or download apps for almost any device.

You will be well supported. Within Mattermost there is a Tech Help channel where you can ask UBC staff questions or report problems. There is a team working behind the scenes to make sure you have the best possible learning experience. Our goal is to keep things working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we cannot guarantee this. Please report any problems and we will work quickly to solve them.

Once this course has ended, access to Mattermost will eventually close. You will have the opportunity to share thoughts and feedback about your experience if you wish.

Important information

Privacy Policy

When you sign up for your account, you will be asked to provide and verify your email address. Your personal information and the Mattermost service are hosted on servers at UBC, but the contents of mobile push notifications are routed through servers in the United States. This could include messages you send or receive. UBC cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted through the United States, so use a pseudonym for your username if this is a concern to you. Note that if you add your full name or a nick name in your account profile that is what will be visible in the Mattermost chat interface but only your username will be used for push notifications. In short, you can retain security by using a pseudonym for your username, and can still have your full name (or nickname) show up in Mattermost if you set that in your account profile.

Please feel free to contact us at LT Hub ( if you have any questions.

Respectful Environment

All members of the UBC community are entitled to a respectful environment. If you experience communications or interactions you feel are harmful to a respectful environment, let your instructor know. Please read the UBC Statement on Respectful Environment for more information, or read the FAQs for Students. It’s nice to be nice!

Copyright Notice

Use of Mattermost must comply with Canadian copyright laws. Uploading and posting content from copyrighted works requires authorization under the Copyright Act or authorization from the copyright holder. Please be mindful of this before uploading files, even in private chats.

Copyright Guidelines for UBC Faculty, Staff and Students: