Folding of the neural tube.  A video showing the folding of the neural tube in a developing chick embryo.

Laboratory of Pasko Rakic.  The lab web site for Dr. Pasko Rakic, a world expert in the development of the cerebral cortex.  Lots of useful information, animations, and videos related to neurodevelopment can be found on this site.

Growth cone guidance by NGF.  A video showing the effects of NGF on growth cone movement.

Filopidia of a growth cone.  A video that illustrates the movement of the filopidia of a growth cone.

Growth cone.  A high-resolution video showing the movement of the filopidia in a growth cone.

Radial glial cell-mediated migration. Some videos illustrating the migration of developing neurons along radial glial cells.

Hand flapping in autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  A video illustrating a behaviour seen in some individuals with ASD.

Stephen Wiltshire: The Living Camera.  A truly remarkable of savantism.

Stephen Wiltshire’s Personal Site.  Where you can buy his art.

Kim Peek.  Another remarkable savant.  Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Hollywood film ‘The Rain Main’ was based on Kim.

The Sally Anne Test.  A test used to assess Theory of Mind in individuals.  Some individuals with ASD are slower to develop theory of mind.  Another related test that is sometimes used is the False Belief Test.