Brain & Behaviour is a third-year course offered in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  The course covers the neurobiological bases of behaviour–the brain processes involved in perception, motivation, emotion, psychopathology, learning and memory.  This website is for the 901 section of the course that is taught by Steven J. Barnes.

About Psyc 304

Psychology 304 is a comprehensive course that examines many of the larger topic areas in Biopsychology (aka Behavioural Neuroscience).  This course places equal emphasis on (1) attaining the essential background knowledge necessary to effectively navigate and interpret the biopsychological literature, and (2) developing critical and creative thinking skills.  Yet, the content of Psyc 304 is not merely academic: Much of what you will learn in this class can be readily applied in your every day life.

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